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Two Dimensional Nanostructures

1st Erwin Schrödinger Symposium 2014
of the Erwin Schrödinger Society for Nanosciences
"Two Dimensional Nanostructures"

26 - 28 November 2014
Natural History Museum of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

A topical international symposium devoted to the materials science of two dimensional nanomaterials.

The 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov "for ground-breaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene". Even more research and development efforts have been focused on a broad range of two-dimensional nanostructures owing to their many low dimensional characteristics different from the bulk properties exhibiting unique shape-dependent characteristics and subsequent utilization as building blocks for the key components of nanodevices, sensors, photocatalysts, nanocontainers, nanoreactors, and templates for 2D structures of other materials.

International invited experts will illustrate the importance of two dimensional nanostructured materials in future applications. Scientists can contribute their recent research in poster sessions. The 1st Erwin Schrödinger Symposium is intending to instil vivid scientific communication and discussion on all kinds of 2D nanomaterials in respect to their fabrication methods, characterization properties, size effects, applications, and modelling for relating the features and structures.

Keynote speakers

Jonathan Coleman (Dublin, IRL) Liquid exfoliation of 2D materials: From applications to scaleup
Gero Decher (Strasbourg, F) Multifunctional layer-by-kayer assembled nanoscale coatings
Vladimir Falko (Lancaster, UK) Moiré minibands and Hofstadter fractal spectra in van der Waals heterostructures of graphene with hexagonal boron nitride
Xinliang Feng (Dresden, D) Graphene and 2D nanohybrids: New generation of materials for energy storage and conversion
Andrea C. Ferrari (Cambridge, UK) Graphene photonics and optoelectronics
Armin Gölzhäuser (Bielefeld, D) Carbon nanomembranes (CNMs)
Pertti Hakonen (Aalto, FIN) Electrical and mechanical resonance modes in suspended graphene systems
Rafi Kalish (Haifa, Israel) Low dimensional electronic properties of transfer doped diamond surfaces
Jannik Meyer (Vienna, A) Exploring low-dimensional materials by high-resolution microscopy
Hyung Gyu Park (Zürich, CH) Ultimate mass permeations across two-dimensional porous graphene
Eva-Kathrin Sinner (Vienna, A) Characterizing in vitro membrane-assisted protein synthesis (iMAPS) and co-translational insertion into polymer membranes
Tanja Weil (Ulm, D) Supramolecular BioNanostructures for sensing and therapy


  Nov. 26, 2014 Nov. 27, 2014 Nov. 28, 2014
900 - 930 Registration Keynote lecture D:
Vladimir Falko
Keynote lecture I:
Tanja Weil
930 - 1000
1000 - 1030 Opening ceremony Break Break
1030 - 1100 Keynote lecture A:
Jannik Meyer
Keynote lecture E:
Pertti Hakonen
Keynote lecture J:
Eva-Kathrin Sinner
1100 - 1130
1130 - 1200 Keynote lecture B:
Gero Decher
Keynote lecture F:
Rafi Kalish
Keynote lecture K:
Hyung Gyu Park
1200 - 1230
1230 - 1300 Lunch & poster session Lunch & poster session Lunch & poster session
1300 - 1330
1330 - 1400
1400 - 1430 Keynote lecture C:
Andrea C. Ferrari
Keynote lecture G:
Jonathan Coleman
ESG Nano Prize 2014
1430 - 1500
1500 - 1530 Poster presentations Keynote lecture H:
Xinliang Feng
1530 - 1600 Ceremonial lecture:
A. Gölzhäuser
1600 - 1630
1630 - 1700 Guided tour through the Natural History Museum Vienna Conference dinner
1700 - 1730
1730 - 1800
1800 - 1830

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